Regular Care and Maintenance of Area Rugs – Maintain the Value and Beauty of Your Investment


Flooring is a significant part of the cost of home building and home renovations. Area rug the proper care and maintenance will care for your investment for a long time. Properly maintaining rugs and carpets is an important requirement, especially in areas with the most foot traffic such as stairs, doorways and halls. And don’t forget that spot right in front of the sofa and chairs.

When you notice that a rug begins to look soiled, work on the spot so it will not spread. If you don’t clean up the mess it will likely make the proper care more difficult and expensive. Make sure to use a disinfectant to restore the rug’s freshness – this is especially important when it comes to pet odors or food.

Caring for a rug involves preventitive maintenance as well as just maintenance. Use small easy care mats at door ways in order to control the soiling and moisture that results in damage.

To prevent fading, close blinds and curtains so direct sunlight will not harm the rugs. Vacuuming is basic and so is speedy stain removal with carpet cleaning products that do not affect colorfastness.

Maintain the original good looks of your area rugs. Color dyes will lose their luster fastest in the busiest rooms. For colors to stay vibrant it is primary to clean the rug regularly.

Even with frequent vacuuming, oily dirt will adhere to fibers, reducing not only the life of the carpet but dulling its beauty. It’s a good idea to vacuum about 2 times a week or so (the amount really depends on how many people come traipsing across your rugs every day) and make sure carpets are cleaned professionally by a carpet cleaning ST. Petersburg Fl expert.

Commercial hot water extraction cleaning every 1 to 2 years is a significant part of rug maintenance. Schedule it in on your calendar so you won’t forget. Professional cleaning is good to restore area rugs as well as to forestall premature ugliness. Treatments will control crushing and matting and get rid of the grit and dust that have been forced deep into the pile.

Area rugs and carpet take a lot of abuse from wet feet, drink spills, pet odors and dirty shoes. If you want to do it yourself, take advantage of carpet cleaning tips about which equipment, chemicals and machines to buy. Look for instructions that will protect your investment, keep the carpet cleaner and remove stubborn stains that damage fibers.