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When you decide to buy a carpet for your house, it is always good to take your time and learn about a few things that are most likely to make you have the best purchase. There are many carpet choices available in the market and making the right choice sometimes becomes complicated. There are factors to be considered in buying carpets. Considering your personal taste and lifestyle, you can be able to come up with the best carpet for your living room, dinning room, basement, stairs and hallway and even you kids room.When choosing a carpet for your house it is good to consider some factors like the texture, fiber, pile, carpet weight, and density.

Two common types of carpet found in homes

Focusing on the most common type of carpets you probably get in most homes is:


When you mention the word carpet most likely the type that come to the mind of an individual is Saxony. This very popular type you will find in most of the houses. The carpet is cut to an even length, the fibers stand straight up and in the same direction or twisted. There are two types of this kind the straight and textured Saxony. A stain removal expert is needed to clean your carpets

Straight Saxony

Presented in an uniform color, the carpet’s fiber goes in the same direction. This type is very popular as it makes it easy to see any footprint or vacuum stroke. It is very luxurious and brings elegance in your home.

Textured Saxony

A very popular type. It is almost the same as the smooth Saxony except that the fiber is twisted and kinked in different directions.Usually it is not easy to see footprint and vacuum prints. Very ideal for a busy household.