Types of Carpet

Types of Carpet

There are a lot of carpets in the market. Carpets are the softest flooring materials that provide a cushioned surface for you to step on. Understanding some basics about the carpet types can help one make the right carpet choice depending on lifestyle and budget. This article presents some of the best and common types of carpet.

Cut Pile

It is one of the most popular carpets and gets its durability from the fibers used, amounts of twist in the thread, and density of the tufts. It is durable and, therefore, appropriate for use in high-traffic areas.


It is a technologically carpet that are made by electrostatic attraction of fibers to form a unique carpet with high durability. Needle-felt carpets can be found in hotels or churches where there is heavy traffic.

Polyester Carpet

They are prized carpets that have vibrant and dramatic colors that do not fade with time. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, but is non-allergic. Its fibers are, however, susceptible to heavy weight.

Level Loop Pile

It is made by weaving loops of threads evenly into a carpet. It is track resistant and durable because of the strong loops. It is easy to clean and appropriate for high traffic places.

Saxony Cut Pile

They consist of two or more fibers twisted in a yarn. They provide soft texture surfaces for formal and informal use. They reveal footprints, as well, as vacuum cleaner marks. They are of medium durability.


They are made from materials similar to woven cloth. There are various colored fibers that can be used to produce intricate patterns and designs that are preset. It is the best quality of carpet that one can get.

Velvet/Plush Pile

It is a derivative of cut pile. They have a uniform color and are lightly twisted. They are soft and have a level texture. It is ideal for uses in formal places because of its sleek appearance. They can also show vacuum-cleaner and footprint marks.

Frieze Cut Pile

It is a highly twisted type of cut pile carpet suitable for use in informal areas that have high traffic. Its fibers are short and tend to curl in varying directions to hide vacuum marks and footprints.

Now you know the basic types of carpet. Stay tuned for more. When you are in need of a great carpet cleaning Riverview Fl company look to the internet.